Consultant, designer and executive of project 3070

A modern overview of a digital organization

Consultant, designer and executive of project 1420

An attentive listener from the side of SSO

Consultant, designer and executive of electronic prescription national project

Protecting treatment rights of the insured and pensioners

Consultant, designer and executive of electronic file project

A new overview of a digital organization

Hospital information comprehensive system

Digital health for all

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Tamin Company

Rendering services in the areas of software, hardware, solution, back up services, and receiving distinguished rank, in producing software ordered by customers, from State Informatics Higher Council.

Insurance software system

Tamin Company, belonging to SSO, is active by focusing on insurance businesses and electronic health, since 1991. This company is responsible for supplying and providing over 8 groups of managerial, insurance, treatment and headquarter products, services and systems, therefore it has been the most important pillar of SSO in designing and rendering electronic and digital service in the past 30 years.       

Treatment hardware system

Tamin Company, belonging to SSO, has executed electronic prescription plan, as the most important project based on IT in treatment area, in line with some significant goals like making health electronic file, improving efficiency, justice, quality, cost effectiveness, in rendering services to those insured by SSO and omitting treatment booklets in the process of rendering treatment services.

Research and development of software platforms

Due to a strong need to use local knowledge and decrease risk resulting from relying to provided technologies provided by companies outside SSO, in year 2015, Tamin Company, by relaying to technical capabilities of its experts, began to compile and standardize software framework based on the latest technical methods. R&D department of Tamin Company, has founded the new generation of centered multi-system of SSO fully based on this local base.

Infrastructure management

With over three decades of great experience in fields of designing, implementing and maintenance of IT infrastructure of SSO, Tamin Company is one of the pioneer companies active in the field of state IT. Infrastructure coordination management of company is responsible for infrastructural supporting of all the services of SSO.






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Meta's attempt to be among the greats of artificial intelligence

Aiming to establish itself as one of the giants of artificial intelligence, Meta released its large language model.
2023 February

Google has tentatively started adding its new chatbot to the Chrome browser.

Google has tentatively started adding its new chatbot to the Chrome browser.While the use of AI chat has become popular, Google is also trying to add some of its AI features to the Chrome browser.
2023 February

Japan plans to produce 2nm processor by 2025

A Japanese company plans to produce 2nm smartphone processors in partnership with U.S. companies. The Japanese and American companies are working together on 2nm lithography-based processors.
2023 January

Tamin Company calls for cooperation in different fields of IT, through scientific and specialty interviews, among reputable universities. The applicants may forward their resume, while filling out the attached form.

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